AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

Use These Three Troubleshooting Methods To Fix AOL Desktop Error Code 104

Errors with AOL desktop Gold is very annoying especially when you get it while downloading. There are a few points which should be kept in mind before we begin the downloading procedure. This article is intended to give you a full insight of AOL Desktop Gold Error 104 and its troubleshooting ways. Then, this article is specially meant for you. We have mentioned all the steps which are required to troubleshoot AOL Desktop Error Code 1o4. Further, we have given possible reasons that cause this error occurs.

 What is AOL Error 104?

When a user attempts to Download AOL Desktop Gold and an unusual error code occurs displaying a message that your file cannot be download, it is called AOL Error 104. This issue leads to a sudden halt when downloading or setting up software file. In order to fix it, one needs to perform some troubleshooting steps or getting an expert’s help will also work.

AOL experts are 24/7 available to take up your calls and give you a prompt solution. They fix issues from the root level and give it a permanent solution.

What Are The Signs and Reasons for AOL Error 104 Error?

To prevent recurring this issue in the future, it is must to know the reasons behind it. Further, recognizing its symptoms will help you understand more about it.

Signs of AOL Desktop Gold Error 104 are as follows:-

  1. Your computer will stop responding
  2. Your mouse cursor will not respond to any command and movement.
  3. Open and running AOL windows will get closed automatically.
  4. AOL windows page will perform in a sluggish manner.

Reasons for AOL Gold 104 Error are as given below:-

  1. Corrupted files: – The download of the corrupted data is the most foremost reason behind it. These broken files often come as a hurdle and prevent any software to install on a computer. Further, it is important to scan your PC with an antivirus.
  2. Corrupt Window Registry System: – Due to your recent download and browsing activity, your window registry may get corrupt. To know more about window registry system, give us a call now.
  3. Harmful Malware and Virus: – Harmful malware and virus pose a threat to AOL Gold files. Get the best antivirus software and use it to scan your computer.
  4. Incomplete AOL File:- Make sure you are not downloading an incomplete file; otherwise, it will fail.

Use These Methods To Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Error 104

Apply these methods, and this error will disappear in minutes.

Run PC Scanner Tool

The main reason behind this error can be malicious files. Hence, one should run a PC scanner tool to protect from theft and malware infections. To do this, follow the given steps.

  • Click on Anti-malware program icon located at the bottom right corner.
  • A new window will open. Click on scan now button.
  • Now the scanning process will begin.
  • Wait till the completion of the process.

Once the process gets completed, reattempt AOL Gold downloading process.

System Compatibility

Until and unless your system is compatible with the software, it won’t allow it to download. Therefore, you should check your system requirement first. To check it, follow the steps given below.

Computer configuration to download AOL gold are:-

  1. Operating System:- Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
  2. Updated Net Framework version 4.5.2,
  3. Fast internet connection
  4. Running speed of the processor should be faster than 266 MHz speed,
  5. Free Disk Space of at least 512 MB,
  6. RAM of at least 1GB.
  7. Screen resolution should be 1024 x 768,

Update System Drivers

Corrupt drivers can also be a reason behind it. If they are not updated, they can prevent this software to download. Therefore, it is pivotal to have updated drivers on our computer system. If your drivers are outdated, then update them now, or you can install the relevant drivers. A better idea is to contact AOL Help department. We have a team of experts who will assist you in the best possible way. Not only this but also they will remotely handle the task.

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