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AOL Shield, a web browser that works under the Chromium project that includes various security features for keeping your personal details protected. The main features AOL Shield comes with encryption, anti-keylogging and anti-screen captured. Like, screenshot to capture the current screen is disabled. To know more about AOL Shield browser, contact AOL Shield Support.

Features of AOL Shield Pro Browser

  • Anti-keylogging technology gives access to encryption. It hides from hackers by hiding the content you are typing on the keyboard.
  • Taking a screenshot of your monitor is prohibited as you type sensitive data.
  • Avoid downloading scam websites to get your personal details saved.
  • AOL Shield is fast browser and renders the pages correctly in no time.
  • AOL Shield also includes features like private mode, bookmarks, etc.
  • It is a freeware protection shield licensed for Windows without any restriction.

Furthermore, AOL has been in the top rank for the security features it offers and so you can work without any doubt for online threat. Moving forward, we have mentioned the step guidance for AOL Shield Download both for Chrome and Internet Explorer and Firefox. To know about how to download contact AOL Browser Support Number. Let’s get started-

AOL Browser Support Number

Download for Chrome

  1. Open the Chrome browser and navigate for AOL Shield download page.
  2. On the right side of the page click the blue button “ Download for free button
  3. Next, click yes to the prompt “Do you want this app to allow to make changes to your PC?”
  4. On the Setup window page, click “Next”.
  5. On License prompt, click “I Agree”.
  6. A confirmation screen will appear, “click Install
  7. Lastly, click “Finish” after installation.

Note:- The installation will be finished only after the computer is reboot. So do click “Yes” when rebooting prompt flashes.

Download for Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Search AOL Download page, open and click on the blue button on the right side that shows “Download for Free”.
  3. At the bottom, the “Run” option appears. Click on it.
  4. Tap “Yes” for “Do you want this app to allow to make changes to your PC?”
  5. Click “Next” on the setup page.
  6. Navigate to “I Agree” for the License agreement window.
  7. Click “Install” when the confirmation page appears.
  8. Once, the above process is complete click “Finish
  9. Take note that installation will only be completed when the system is rebooted. Click on “Yes” for reboot prompt.

Download aol shield

Note: Same Steps have opted for Firefox.

AOL Shield Browser provides protection with advanced security features so you can be less or no worried about online hacks. From shopping, social media, banking in all ways it helps protect information. It’s basically based on Chromium browser framework and extensively supports chrome extension, apps, themes and many more. Some security features include-

Anti-Phishlock Security

  • Phishlock Technology
  • Protects users Navigation on the browser.
  • Blacklisting Protection.
  • Once the website is created, it listed in Blacklist and is made available for public use.

Entry Protect

  • Anti-keylogging
  • Includes Window hook Protection that helps to make user listen to the system messages.
  • It captures keystroke.
  • Prevents malware from stealing data.
  • It intercepts the call to crypto and online libraries.


  • It includes website malware e protection.
  • Anti-malware and anti-technology.
  • Database of sites that includes malware is actively present.
  • Regularly create Malicious files.
  • Whitelist or say the good list also maintain to avoid blocking good files.

System Requirements

  • Windows Version 7, 8 and 10.
  • Processor- Intel Pentium 4 processor or SSE2 capable.
  • Disk space- 350 Mb of free space.
  • RAM- 512 MB


  • Mobile phones and tablets not supported.
  • Once a user unsubscribes cannot sign up with the same plan.

AOL shield support


In this article, we have full-fledged information about AOL Shield. From features to steps guidelines on how to download it. If you acquire any related details about Download AOL Shield you may connect AOL Shield Support. We have an expert team all round the clock, 24*7 that would resolve your query instantly.

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