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AOL (American online) is one of the most prominent email service providers we have today. The company is widely recognized to offer extraordinary features and wonderful customer care service. Talking about its popularity and users, it has millions of active users all across the globe.

It was started out as a dial-up service but later expanded its business and become the leading email service provider. To retain its customers and is the best email service provider, it has developed various steps. Have a closer look at some of its advanced features which makes it best among other service providers.

Features of AOL Desktop Gold

  1. Worldwide email service.
  2. 25 MB email attachment limit.
  3. Free account for 90 days.
  4. It supports OP3, SMTP, IMAP protocols.
  5. With AOL another Email account can be linked with AOL when signed in to main AOL
  6. Extra layer security.
  7. It features AIM panel which displays crucial information of friends.
  8. Moreover, it gives you the option to various sponsored websites
  9. It comes with virus protection.
  10. Equipped with the service of a well-versed spelling checker.
  11. It provides SSL/HTTPS support after login.

AOL Desktop Gold Download Version 11.2.6 or Higher

AOL is a power packed software package which allows the user to enjoy a whole lot of features. There is a list of prerequisites which you need to keep in mind before performing the process to install AOL Desktop Gold and to enjoy all the feature hassle free.

You can download AOL desktop gold on your system irrespective of the operating system you are working on. So doesn’t matter whether you are using Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS you can perform AOL desktop gold download process like a pro after going through the article carefully.

AOL Gold Download: Complete Process of Windows Platform

In the guide that follows, we will be taking up the complete process as how to Download AOL Gold for windows platform. This process is for users having the premium membership of AOL.

  1. Requirement before starting AOL Gold Download process:
    • Device Speed: – The minimum requirement is a Computer Processor having 266 MHz or above speed.
    •  Connectivity: – High speed and non-drop Internet connection are required with minimum RAM of 1024 MB.
    •  Device Memory: – Minimum free disk space of 512MB.
    •  Screen Resolution: – 1024×768 or recommended a higher resolution
    •  Internet Explorer (IE) latest version.
    •  Login Info: – AOL Account credentials (Login Username & Password).
  2. After the fulfillment of the system requirements, you can download the software from AOL Gold Download Link. This is free for existing users and the users are supposed to keep a note of this before starting the process.
  3. Once AOL download gold completed, click open the downloaded file and follow the onscreen prompts.
  4. Enter your personal AOL credentials in the next step.
  5. By scrolling down a little in the “All products section” you will see the “AOL Desktop Gold“, Click on it.
  6. Now click on the button “Install AOL desktop Gold” that appeared on the screen and follow the onscreen installation instructions.

This is the complete process for AOL Gold Download. This is a very easy process and doesn’t require hardcore technical knowledge. The experts are always there to resolve any AOL Gold Problems. If you are facing any issue dial our toll-free number 1-855-599-8359 and an expert will take up your call and will guide you through the process.

Process to Install AOL Desktop Gold

Once you have done with the downloading part, the next step is to install the software to put it into use.

  1. The first step in the process is to locate the downloaded file.
  2. After that, click on the downloaded file and tap on “AOL Desktop Gold Install” icon.
  3. Choose “Run” command in the tab that follows on your computer screen.
  4. Finally, tap on “Install now” appearing on the screen. You may get a prompt on your screen asking you to import your AOL email and Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold old version. Choose the option accordingly.
  5. Then, click on “OK” and then “Yes“.

AOL Desktop for Windows 10, 7 and 8 For New Users

The below-mentioned steps mentioned steps elaborate the process AOL Desktop Gold Download for users who are new to AOL. You can repeat the same steps for AOL Desktop 10.1 download. Follow the steps one by one to get access to high-class features of AOL software package.

  • The first step in the process is to get AOL premium membership.
  • Follow the prompts which are showing on your computer screen to create your AOL account.
  • Go to “Manage My Subscriptions” after creating your account.
  • Select the “Premium Subscription Tab“.
  • Below the “Download AOL Desktop Gold“, there is a “Get Started” button, click on it.
  • After that, Process will start automatically “AOL Desktop Gold Download
  • There will a confirmation mail received in your inbox. Open it and move down to the download page of AOL desktop Gold.
  • Install AOL Desktop gold

Remember:-Once you receive the confirmation mail for AOL Desktop Gold. Follow the below-mentioned steps to perform AOL gold sign in.

  • Click on the confirmation mail received in your inbox. The subject line of the mail will be “Getting Started with AOL Desktop Gold.”
  • There will be a download link in the mail where you will find AOL Desktop Gold file. Download the data into your system.

Note: – The steps mentioned above apply to existing AOL users as well.

For any assistance for issues related to AOL Desktop Gold, you can have a word with professional experts by dialing our toll-free number +1-855-599-8359

AOL Desktop Gold: A Bundle of Excellent Features

AOL Desktop Gold has got a house full of features. Users can send or receive emails, chat, watch movies and many more activities online. Below mentioned are some of the awesome features which make AOL Desktop Gold software the first choice of users worldwide.

Easy to Download and Install

The process of downloading and installation is made very easy. The process made so simple that a user with little or no knowledge of software can perform the process with the need for expert guidance.

Automatic Updates

In the new version of Desktop Gold, there is an automatic update feature which keeps the user connected with the latest update.

Export and Import all Data

This software allows you to keep your data intact. The user can export all his previous data while performing AOL Desktop Gold upgrade.

Advanced Safety & Security

With two-step verification and encryption, data safety and security are no problem in AOL desktop gold software. Hackers are rendered useless here.

Single software package with unlimited features

You can watch movies, play games, send mail, chat, and so much more. There is a lot you can do with AOL desktop gold software.

Instant Live Support

Need any help or have any questions? The experts are there to help you round the clock. For any assistance, you can have a chat or a phone call with a dedicated expert for resolving any query related to the software

The Process to Update AOL Desktop Gold for Windows and Mac?

Below mentioned is the process of updating AOL Desktop Gold for Mac, Windows 10 and other compatible versions. Following these easy steps, you can update or troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold update errors.

Window 8-01-01

AOL Desktop Gold Windows 8 Update

Even after fulfilling the hardware requirement for downloading the AOL gold software, the users have reported issues while updating the software on Windows 8. The problems can then maybe with the internet or router. There is a need to check internet speed that is the primary reason behind this issue. The next step is to restart the router as there may be an issue with the router. The moment these issues get fixed AOL Desktop Gold update on Windows 8 will be done smoothly.

window 10-01-01

AOL Desktop Gold Update Windows 10 update

AOL keeps on doing internal R&D to enhance users experience with the desktop gold software. Therefore while downloading AOL Desktop Gold update for Windows 10 on your computer, make sure that all the standard requirements of the AOL Gold upgrade are met for a hassle-free update.

mac Update-01

Desktop Gold Update for Mac

At times Mac users have also reported that they are facing issues while updating the desktop gold. Again most of the users forgot to check the system requirement. Before you get started, it is important to check some prerequisite say a good internet connection, browser compatibility, and a few more basic things. Besides this, you must check if there is enough space in the hard drive or not in order to Download AOL Desktop Gold for MAC. If all these requirements fulfilled, then there are rare chances that issue will occur.

Window 7-01

Process to Upgrade AOL Gold for Windows 7

Go through the minimum system requirement and check if all are ok or not. If everything seems to be ok then proceed for further. If after all of this you are facing issues while AOL Desktop Gold update for Windows 7,  then try and customize your browser’s settings For example, if the Popup blocker is turned ON  in browser settings, there will be no any response during the click on “AOL Desktop Gold upgrade” button. Thus before starting the process, AOL Desktop Gold update for Windows 7 make sure you disable this option to perform the process hassle free

List of Major Issues Reported By Users Worldwide

We have listed down the issue that users have reported so far. The company is working hard to ensure that the users don’t have to face issues while using the software. The below-mentioned issues are a bit tricky and require in-depth knowledge of networking. If you the same issues then don’t waste time trying DIYs. Just call our toll free number +1-855-599-8359 and speak to our experts to get the issue rectified.

AOL Desktop Gold Download Issue

♦ Update AOL Desktop Gold

♦ Trouble during AOL Desktop Gold Login

AOL Mail Login issue

♦ AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing from Desktop

♦ Can’t reset AOL Desktop Gold Password

♦ AOL Gold Desktop Download

♦ Is AOL Email Shutting Down?

♦ AOL Desktop Gold Download for Windows 10

♦ AOL Desktop Gold not working in Windows 7

♦ Missing AOL address book in account

♦ Can’t send AOL Desktop Gold emails

♦ Can’t Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

♦ AOL Gold upgrade issues

♦ Unable to Install AOL Desktop Gold

♦ Upgrade AOL Desktop to AOL Desktop Gold

♦ AOL Gold can’t log in after password reset

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