How To Fix Outlook not receiving emails

In recent times, the most incoming query is unable to receive emails in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. However, some other unwanted issues also include Outlook slow to receive emails, Outlook incoming mail not working, Outlook Not Receiving Emails and many more. In this case, we have this informative article for you.

What Are The Causes Behind Microsoft Outlook Not Receiving Emails?

There are several reasons that may lead to such an error. Let’s find out what are those:

  • Outlook Not Connected to internet
  • No SMTP authentication is done for POP and IMAP
  • Wrong IMAP or POP settings in Outlook
  • Incorrect account credentials
  • An unavailable proxy site to connect with the server
  • Unavailable email server.
  • Emails are not received because of Junk email Protection filter
  • Some suspicious code is found in Outlook account
  • Ad-ins resonates Outlook from receiving emails

Workable Solution to Resolve Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Every issue has got some or the other solution. Same way, the problem is arising due to above-mentioned causes, we have quick fixes. Solve the given causes and make Outlook trouble-free. Follow the below instructions for it.

  • Outlook Not Connected to internet

User needs to verify that is the computer connected to the network or not. The web browser is the best way to check the network. If its a local network, accessing any website can actually let you know about the connectivity of the internet. If the internet strength is working fine, check Outlook is online. To do so, go to Outlook menu and untick work offline.

  • No SMTP Authentication is Done for POP and IMAP

In case all the settings are correct but still facing issues in receiving mail in Outlook 2007 and other versions, try to turn on SMTP authentication. Below are the steps are given:

In Outlook:

    • Click on the Tools tab and select Account
    • Under Outgoing server, select More option
    • Lastly, in authentication popup, click on the authentication type and type the details.
  • Wrong IMAP or POP Settings in Outlook

Sometimes incorrect POP or IMAP settings prevent from sending and receiving emails. Thus, to resolve this problem, follow the given procedure:

Jump to POP and IMAP account settings and make sure the credentials are correct,

    • Your Name: Name of the sender for official terms.
    • Email Address: correct email address
    • Account Type: POP3 or IMAP
    • Incoming mail server: For POP or IMAP accounts it should be
    • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): For POP or IMAP accounts use
    • User Name: Your email account username
    • Password: Your email account password

  • Incorrect Account Credentials

Check the mentioned account preferences you have mentioned are the correct i.e. username, password, and email address.

    • Tap on Tool menu and click on Accounts.
    • In left window o account wizard, click on Accounts
    • Verify here that your entered details are correct or not.
  • An Unavailable Proxy Site to Connect With the Server

The user requires mail proxy in System preferences if the user is utilizing the network to connect with the internet. You can take help from the Administrator for the settings. Issues in network settings can have a bad effect on Outlook incoming mail.

  • Unavailable Email Server.

If you have previously accessed your account, then only possible reason can be mail server is offline. You can get it checked by the network administrator whether the server in online mode or not.

  • Emails are Not Received Because of Junk Email Protection Filter

Well, Junk email Protection filters can also block the incoming email messages from some particular domains. To fix this issue:

    • Tap on the Junk email folder.
    • Navigate to Junk
    • Choose Junk email options
    • Select No automatic filtering
    • Next, click OK
  • Some Suspicious Code Found in Outlook Account

At times, some untrustable senders send some nasty code that restricts incoming server. So, you should delete such kind of emails from your inbox.

  • Ad-ins Resonates Outlook From Receiving Emails

Though add-ins are helpful to boost the application’s functionality many times they occur trouble. You need to instantly disable this error. To perform this, follow the below-given steps:

    • Open control panel
    • Jump to Uninstall programs
    • Choose Outlook
    • Right-click and select Repair
    • Lastly, follow on-screen instructions.

An Alternative Way To Fix Outlook 2016 Not Receiving Email

Furthermore, if you have applied the solution but still not satisfied you can take an easy way out. Try to connect with an expert who provides customer service full day. Or if no above causes resemble it’s must take help from senior technicians and Outlook 2016 Not Receiving Emails fixed at the initial stage only. The service is available all round the clock, 24*7.



  • How to Fix Email Problems?
    • Check Internet connection
    • Verify your server settings
    • Confirm your password
    • Cross-check there is no security conflict
  • Why Am I Not Able to Send or Receive the Email?

Turn on SMTP authentication for POP and IMAP settings. If account settings are correct, then turn on SMTP authentication.

  • Why I can’t Receive Emails on IPAD?
    • Turn on the SMTP server
    • Set up email account rather than syncing
    • Restart your iPad
  • How Can I Not Download Emails From the Server?

Many iOS users are complaining about this issue. This is mainly because of 2 reasons either network has been interrupted or connection is irregular.

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