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Yahoo offers a range of services which help people to connect with their friends, colleague, and family. The company was started out as a business directory website but soon, it expanded its business and became the most used search engine in the world. It is much known for its webmail service as it is too cost-effective and people find it easy to use. Apart from emails, Yahoo is known for other services which include Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Answer, Yahoo News, Yahoo cricket and many More.

Yahoo email users often complain about their account issues like errors, password recovery, and others. To get rid of these issues, Yahoo provides Yahoo Contact number which precisely works toward resolving user’s queries. They assist customers and resolve their issues within a short span of time. No matter if a user wants help for Create Yahoo Account or have forgotten its password or want to change the current password, the support team is 24/7 available to help them. Whether you want to talk to them over the telephonic call or via live chat, they are available in all format.

How to Recover Yahoo Password

Recover Yahoo Password is one of the most common queries which Yahoo users want to get rid of. This issue can be resolved by three methods. These methods are:

  • Via phone number
  • Via email address
  • Via Security Questions

Recover the password via phone Number

yahoo email
  • Visit Yahoo email home page and click on “Forgot my Yahoo password.”
  • Click on “I have a problem with my password” option.
  • Enter your Yahoo email ID then taps on “next” option again.
  • Your registered phone number and email ID will appear on the screen.
  • Tap ‘yes’ and click on next.
  • You will receive a verification code on your mobile or email.
  • Put the code in.
  • Now, you can type the new password using alphanumeric letters.
  • Re-enter it in the given below dialogue box.

Recover Your Password via Security Questions

Try this process and recover your Yahoo email password. If it doesn’t work, then contact the Yahoo Support Number.

  • Visit Yahoo email homepage.
  • Enter your Yahoo ID and then tap to next.
  • Insert the captcha code displayed on your screen.
  • Now answers all the secret questions to recover the password.
  • Now, enter the new password and re-enter it again.

Yahoo Mail App not Working, read below steps to fix:

Yahoo Mail app is available in both operating systems, i.e. Android and IOS. Millions of Yahoo Mail users access their account through their Android devices. They sometimes face issues like their ‘Yahoo mail not working on android’. Due to this, they couldn’t operate their emails. If you are also facing the same issue then listed steps can help you. It could be due to:-

App Functionality Issue

  • Check if the android version you are using is latest or not. If it is not then updated.
  • Check if you have cleared the Cache and App Data or not.
  • Go to settings and force stop the app. Once it gets done, enable it again.
  • It will refresh the active memory of the application.
  • Functionality issue can be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the Yahoo Mail app.

Try these steps and check if the app has started working or not. In case, if it is not, then please try the next given solution.

Not Every Feature is Available on Mobile Device

You cannot access every Yahoo Mail feature. Every Yahoo email feature can only be accessed in the desktop browser version. Listed Yahoo email features are not available for the mobile app.

  • View full email headersYahoo mail App
  • Create vacation responses
  • Block email addresses
  • Send to a contact list

So, if your ‘Yahoo mail not working on android’ issue has not been resolved, then you need to check your application version it should be updated. Clear old data and cookies and once uninstall and reinstall Yahoo Mail app to ensure if the issue has been resolved or not. If the same issue comes again then you must get in touch with the Yahoo Help Phone Number.

How to Resolve Sign in Problems in Yahoo Mail App?

This issue can be resolved in the following ways.

App Password: – This issue can be resolved by changing the app password. If you have activated the Two-Step verification or you are using any third-party email app such as Android Mail or iOS Mail, then you’ll require to create a specific app password. For this, you need to go to the ‘Account security tab’ and select the option to generate an app password.

Change your Mobile Number: – Have you changed your registered mobile number? Follow the steps to change your mobile number.

  • Access any web browser and sign-in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Click on Profile Name > Account info > Account security.
  • Tap on ‘Phone number’
  • Click on the ‘Add recovery phone number’ option.
  • Enter your new phone number in the required field.
  • Proceed for the next step.
  • Enter the received key in the required field.
  • Click on the ‘Verify’ option.

For expert’s help, search phone number for Yahoo on google or directly call 1-855-599-8359.

How to Resolve Yahoo Mail Errors?

Yahoo errors prevent users to use Yahoo email. These errors can be fixed by the experts who know the key-secrets to fix the error code. There is a toll-free number to call Yahoo support and take expert guidance from there. Experts are available 24/7. The most common Yahoo mail errors are:-

  • Yahoo Error 1242
  • Yahoo Mail Error 999
  • Yahoo Mail Error 19
  • Yahoo temporary error 19
  • Yahoo mail temporary error 19

Yahoo Mail error 1242

This error code occurs due to any corrupted windows system files or due to the incorrect configuration of windows system files. Resolve this error code by:

  • Starting the system and login as an administrator
  • Now, tap the ‘start’ button and choose All Programs.
  • Tap on ‘click system restore’.
  • Select restore “My Computer.”
  • Click on the list and tap a restore point list.

Try these steps and resolve this error code. In case, if you want to connect with a professional, then dial Phone Number For Yahoo.

Yahoo Email Error 999

Listed steps can help you to fix your Yahoo Email error 999. Try these steps and fix this error code in a minute only.

  • Enable your browser to accept cookies.
  • Give a complete scan to your system for viruses, spyware.
  • Try accessing Yahoo from another computer or a different internet connection.
  • Make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is secured and no other person is using it.

Yahoo Mail Error 19

Have you seen something like Yahoo Temporary Error 19 on your email? Resolve these errors by following the listed steps:-

  • Remove this error code by allowing the browser to accept cookies.
  • In order to avoid sign in error 19, you can try accessing Yahoo using a supported browser.
  • Give a full scan to the system and check if it is infected with any malware or not.

Try the above-mentioned procedure one by one to fix Yahoo mail error 19 and still if your Yahoo mail is not working then connect with the support team.

How to Resolve ‘Yahoo mail not working on Chrome’ issue?

The most annoying situation is when you see your email not working on chrome. This issue can be fixed by connecting by the Yahoo Helpline. The technician will help you resolve all your issues over the telephonic call. Make sure that you are elaborating your issues properly as it helps them to understand its root cause.

How to Contact the Yahoo Sign In Helper?

We understand the need to contact the support service team. Listed ways can help you to get in touch with the experts. Try these steps and talk to the best customer representative.

  • Open Yahoo’s Email Specialist page.
  • Put your Yahoo email address in it.
  • Attach your Yahoo email address and Re-enter it again
  • Write down the description of the issue you are facing.
  • Tap on request or dial Yahoo Phone Number.


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